You will…

learn to spray like a pro.
learn manage your business better.
have an advantage over competition.
know every industry secret and pro tips.

The Sjolie difference

Your success is our success.  That’s been our mission statement from day one.  We offer world-class training and certification because we depend on your success to help build a better and more professional standard of the sunless industry.The more confident you are, and the better at spray tanning you are, the easier it will be to rise to the most optimum level of success achievable.  Each and every Sjolie trainer understands this and is committed to you as a client to helping you go as far as you can as a NSTPA certified technician.

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Tool Tip, just because we can

Why invest in NSTPA certification?

Here is our promise to you:  We will go far beyond helping you achieve your sunless tanning goals and we will not stop after we’ve trained you how to properly spray tan.  We will work to provide you with all of the resources necessary for you to operate your business at the most optimum level possible to achieve the very success we’re confident is attainable by every one of our clients.  Along with our sunless tanning products, we also offer a variety of marketing materials and resources, and on-staff expert spray technicians who routinely spray 60+ clients a week and can confidently address every question, concern, or issue you will ever encounter.  This is our promise to you.

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Tool Tip, just because we can

Certified with Sjolie This Year.


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